Dear Oliver

written by  Mirjana Mrkela

illustrated by Petra V. Rundek

14,5×19,7 cm, 108 pp

two colors, hardcover

genre: family novel

200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’s birth and his novel Oliver Twist motivated Mirjana Mrkela to create this book. The short epistolary novel consists of 90 letters to Oliver Twist from two today’s children: a family wanted boy, and an abandoned girl. Step by step, through common places and acquaintances, their fortunes are getting more and more affiliated.

Among social problems, there are elements of children’s activism, adventures and subtle humour. Those merits will surely attract readers of all generations.

Mirjana Mrkela

Are You interesting in really different author? Although stone-blind, although in the age of 60, she is mobily, she is optimistic, she is imaginative!

During only two years she published 4 books, and one of them won the biggest prize for children’s book in Croatia, her home country.

Mirjana Mrkela was born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1955, and has been living in Zadar (Croatia) since her high school. She was a teacher and wrote a little poetry.

Having lost her vision, she intensely devoted herself to literature. Her literary texts have been published in children’s magazines, textbooks and broadcasted on the Croatian radio.

In 2012 she published a novel Dear Oliver dedicated to Charles Dickens and care for orphans.

In 2013 ms. Mrkela received great Croatian Award Grigor Vitez for this novel. The same year she published a collection of poetry entitled The Love Songs.

In 2014. her new novel for teenagers, named Mea, younger sister was published.