Matilda and the Mysterious Frogs

written by Ivanka Ferenčić Martinčić

illustrated by Martina Frančić

14,5×19,7 cm, 72 pp
black & white, paperback

genre: children’s novel

Exciting and magical adventures don’t always begin and end the way we expect them to. Matilda’s first quest for a magic book did not exactly end in glory. Her new quest starts awkwardly, but even the most boring day can in the blink of an eye turn into a new adventure. Neither tricky falls, slippery troubles, nor elusive frogs can stop her in her quest. With Puk at her heels and a diary in her pocket, Matilda is determined to find magic in her extraordinary world.  How much trouble can scientific research cause? Where can all the secret books be hidden? And how is it possible that punishment is not the worst thing that can happen?

Join Matilda in discovering magic in unexpected places.