Matilda and the Witch’s Cat

written by Ivanka Ferenčić Martinčić

illustrated by Martina Frančić

14,5×19,7 cm, 72 pp
black & white, paperback

genre: children’s novel

In a peculiar red house, there lives a peculiar girl whose name is Matilda. Matilda likes chocolate, T-shirts with pockets, and books; she does not like candy, dolls or maths. After school, Matilda often goes to the library, where her mother works. She spends a lot of time with her grandmother, and she writes about everything that is going on in and around their house to her dad, who works far away and has been absent for a long time. One day, the peculiar behaviour of her black tomcat Puk initiates a discussion about witches, so Matilda goes in search of books and information. However, a simple visit to the library turns into an exciting and possibly magic adventure. Will Matilda find the answers to her questions and uncover the secret which is hiding in her house? What is she going to find written on the pages of her striped diary? Join Matilda and Puk in their mysterious quest!