Discover Croatia A Children’s Guide

Discover Croatia A Children’s Guide
Roberta Šimunić
Gordana Ivković
Format: 19,5x25
Broj stranica: 88
ISBN, Izdavač: 978-953-6878-26-0
Uvez: tvrdi
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Discover Croatia in an interesting and fun way!
Take a journey through the pages of this book and find out a number of things you did not know about Croatia. You can learn something new and find out things not known to others...


Inspiring illustrations bring to life the streets of largest Croatian towns, fascinating scenes from the past, as well as all the features that make Croatia attractive, special and wonderful.
Games, labyrinths, puzzles and a quiz represent an easy way to get to know the country and discover things such as:
Who are picoki and what are German miles?
Where is the meeting place of witches and where do giants gather?
Are there deserts in Croatia?
How can you adopt a dolphin or a bat?
How can you write a letter using the Glagolitic script?
Why is Varaždin not the capital of Croatia and when was 
the Republic of Dubrovnik abolished?
Let your wonderful journey through Croatia begin!